Bolt x Sadie

DOB 19.10.2015


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Oaklands All Hallows Eve - Summer


Oaklands Jack O'Lantern goes around - Charly


Oaklands 2 Cute to Spook - Nami


Oaklands Feel the Thunderbolt - Carlo


Oaklands Whoooo likes Halloween - Raven


Oaklands Trick or Treat - Snickers


Oaklands One Night at Sleepy Hollow - Richy



Mömpi x Sadie

DOB 20.03.2017


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Oaklands Justify my Love - Amy


Oaklands Love on the right Side - Josy


Oaklands One Kiss @ a Time- Emmi


Oaklands Love is so Blue - Sky


Oaklands Flirt'n with Fire - Patch


Oaklands Words meet Heartbeats - Chewie


Oaklands Sealed with a Kiss - Lissy






Paul x Penny

DOB 21.03.2018


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Oaklands Perfect Queenly Choice - Queeny


Oaklands Power & Control - Jerry-Lee


Oaklands Pearl in the Shell - Maya


Oaklands Praise Poison - Bailey


Oaklands Perform this Way - Fuchur


Oaklands Prove it all Night - Prove


Oaklands Possibly Maybe - Maybe


Oaklands Promised you a Miracle - Thali


Oaklands piece of my Heart - Aura